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Larami Limited, a Hasbro, Inc. subsidiary



Larami Limited, a Hasbro, Inc. subsidiary

Super Soaker, XP CPS, Monster, EES Nerf Super Maxx, Nerf Sports, NASCAR Real Sounds Engine and Power Tools, Super Soaker Twister, Super Soaker Wacky Water Tunnel.

​Super Soaker was the # 1 Spring & Summer toy in the USA and in many countries since joining the company in ’93 to 2002. Average market share during my oversight was 70%
Developed and revitalized the CPS Super Soaker line since ’95, involving 11 different items and generating on average a total of $45 Million in sales/season and expanding the Super Soaker retails beyond the $19.99 retail barrier.  

Developed the Max-D Super Soaker line for the ’02 and ‘03 seasons targeted to achieve sales of $35 Million with better margins and priced for stronger retailer margins. 
Developed and redeveloped the XP Super Soaker line since ’93 introducing over 14 sku’s, 4 with pressure gauges, 1 with pulsating action, 2 with double barrels, 1 with 3 nozzles, 1 with 4 nozzles, 1 with rotating nozzles and generating on average over $40-50 Million in sales. 
Developed the Super Soaker Monster line in ’99-’01, targeted to older kids, teens, and young adults, now involving three units with retails over $30.00.
Developed exclusive Super Soaker Twin and Multi Packs and specials for WAL-MART, TOYS R US, TARGET, K-MART, COSTCO, BJ’s, Shopko.
Developed Larami’s Star Wars Action Role Play line for the new Episode II movie, contributing over $6 Million in sales dollars, with high margin product.
Developed the ’00 and ’01 Nerf Sports line increasing our sku offerings and focus on micro and mini footballs, NFL footballs, soccer balls and re-pricing on-going domestic offerings to lower priced L/C targets, and achieving more Nerf items on the Wal-Mart assembly program.
Developed the Super Maxx air pressure foam blaster line in ’93, and sustaining this line into the Nerf line in fall ’96. 
Developed the “Real Sounds Power Tool” line, with line extensions in ’96 and generating $10 MM in sales for a non-TV promoted, “try me” product line in ’95.
Invented the Real Sounds Engine in ’95, and awarded the patent to the company.  Item has been reintroduced with the NASCAR license. 
Developed www.supersoaker.com since ’96 and is now one of the highest traffic sites with Hasbro.  April ’02 activity involved a promotion with www.cartoonnetwork.com
Developed Super Soaker Twister and other licensed Super Soaker’s involving; WWF, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Batman, Power Rangers, GI Joe character references. 
Organized and directed Larami’s spring and fall catalogs from ’94-’02.
Responsible for the NYC showroom, product presentations, sales presentations, product demonstrations, video’s, price lists from ’93-’02. 

Dan Watson before Larami


TYCO Toys, Inc.

 Marketing Director  TYCO Toys, Inc.  
Magna Doodle, Fashion Magic, View-Master, Activity Toys. 
Developed Fashion Magic, a new girls jewelry oriented activity product line to achieve $25 million in total sales
Initiated production of a second color for Magna Doodle(PINK), recognizing multiple purchases per household were achievable.
Developed Double Sided and Giant Magna Doodle with a $10 million sales projection
Developed the Garfield Talking Telephone using digital voice electronics.
Organized the marketing financial model for evaluating brand profitability for all TYCO brands. 




Vehicles & Play-sets.

​Developed Buddy L’s Big Bruiser Electronic steel construction line with unit volume sales over 500,000
Developed Buddy L’s voice recognition product line “Voice Command” with a 25% profit margin and sales projection over 700,000 units
Developed the following product lines in one year;  Thunder Maxx Racers; Rig Racers, Off-Road Rescue, Rescue Force and Rock-It Strobe.
Developed a large-scale low priced indoor/outdoor play-set, taking full advantage of the company’s vac-forming operations in upstate NY, 100,000-unit projection.
Formulated a financial profitability evaluation model that set the guidelines for all new products. The system accounted for sales projections, product costs, tooling, brand development expenses, and all pricing structures – domestic, p.o.e., and L/C



Marketing Manager - MATCHBOX TOYS (USA) LTD

Vehicles & Play-sets

Developed the Siren Force vehicle line generating $500,000 in net sales
Developed 4 new Motor-City play-sets with contribution margins above 20%
Developed line extensions for World Class and SuperCharger lines
Expanded greater use of die-cast “super value packs” with profit margins above 20% 

T. J. Lipton Inc - a UNILEVER subsidiary


Product Management - T. J. Lipton Inc - a UNILEVER subsidiary

Fruit Snacks, Noodles & Sauce, Rice & Sauce, Pasta & Sauce 
Developed new names, shapes, and product launches for Lipton Fruit Snacks increasing category share both at grocery and produce distribution levels
Introduced two new Side Dish lines, 10 new Noodles & Sauce products and 7 new Rice & Sauce products increasing net sales by +50% and trading profit +80%.
Created a new shelf management system for the side dish line resulting in a more efficient and easier to manage system for both the retailers and consumer..

Grey Advertising Inc. - Grey Group


Assistant Media Director -Grey Advertising Inc. - Grey Group - General Foods brands

Kool-Aid, Post Grape Nuts, Post Fruit & Fiber

Media Supervisor Proctor & Gamble brands – Bold III, Puffs,